R&D Services

New Drug Delivery Systems

•Transdermal patch (TDS) •Solid lipid particles •Polymeric encapsulation •Micro-, Nano-particles •Liposomes

Topical / Skin Care Formulation Development

•Strategy consulting for topical drug/cosmetic products & applications •Transdermal and topical delivery system (TDS), topical drug and cosmetic patch development •Conventional topical formulation development (liquid gel; semi-solids: emulsions, cream, lotion, serum, shampoo; solids: powder, dissolvable film) for applications in e.g. sun care, antiacne, antiaging, pain control, intimate care and etc. •Development of new 505(b)(2) generic drugs with our own proprietary technologies in topical health care

Topical Product Testing 

•FDA GLP compliance laboratory – Design and conduct in-vitro bioequivalence (BE) studies to support complex topical drug regulatory filing

•In-vitro permeation test (IVPT) for membranes selected from polymeric materials (e.g. Cellulose, Stra-M), porcine skin, human cadaver skin. Distribution of drug or cosmetic active in different skin layers i.e. (stratum corneum, epidermis and dermis)

•In vitro release test (IVRT) 

•Characterization of complex topical products – Morphology and particle/droplet size distribution. Rheology profiles 

•Formulation stability study with HPLC/MS for degradant components

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